2017-2018 HMD Community Engagement Residency Inagural Artist


Julie Tolentino invited four beloved Bay Area Artists for a monthly one-to-one and group experimental encounter.  Special thanks to artists: Larry Arrington, Maurya Kerr, Xandra Ibarra, and Amara Tabor Smith; herbalist Jennye Patterson; sound artist, Patrick Murch, and writers, Debra Levine and Scot Nakagawa. 

Joe Goode Annex, Nov 2018: Larry Arrington, Maurya Kerr, Xandra Ibarra, and Amara Tabor-Smith


a.u.l.e. -an un-named lived experience

& being with another seems to go by very fast. so much information. so much to tend to think about and the how of time talking thru how we resist,  breakaway then give away. sensing bringing forward slinking back. why and what? stutter gasp. wait. what i wanted to say (because some fumbly dimming) and what that is: to be interested in. drop narrative like how there can be a split in the because. so description does not have a together & becomes again. the title perspectives. thin lines might be imagining the experts - leaning, convening and reverie and skins and what’s missing and all those rising - break - to see the small axis as axes. rushing to get it right. hard corps proposition stained and streaming. herbal opaque judge and unrecognizable currents and cruelty with utopia’s little edges. the separate conversations radiate dark root bodies & instead an aural portal, a vibe. or two or three or four or five or seven of us with each other’s other/s. All together. All a part of this.

-Durational Practice in

.bury.me.fiercely., 2018 at THE LAB in San Francisco


Photo: Hillary Goidell


My practice is often unpractical. It claims to do, and be, so many things and it functions along thick and thin lines. It misses its mark and sometimes senses things before its time. It never is on time.

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THE MAGICAL ORDER of....a YBCA + Larkin St Community Project

YBCA 1-Year Community Project: Tolentino / Video collaboration with Kadet Kuhne

Links to (4) video gifts offered to the participants

Video and editing collaboration with Kadet Kuhne. Sound: Kadet Kuhne. Project Assistant: Ryan Tacata


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